all for the love of taking photos


Nino Estrada's photographic journey began in the early 90's 
as a staff photographer for the school paper. 
Graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce Majoring in 
Marketing Management from DLSU, joined the corporate world while learning to 
run a business, then founded Visual Concepts Imaging in 2003 operated under 
Agfa photoplus in Manila. A one stop studio and photolab offering
photography related services, developing and retailing photography 
related merchandise. Having done a variety of commercial projects, 
internationally published works and private jobs before moving overseas and is now
based and doing freelance work in Sydney, NSW Australia.

Classy, simple, artistic elegance would best describe his works blending 
both contemporary and artistic creative conceptualization with a 
commercial appeal and story telling to capture the viewers imagination 
and appeal to their emotions.  

Nino Estrada has a never ending desire and passion to learn 
and improve his craft making sure that each photo will always be
better than the previous one.

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